Do you have a challenge in finding “good” employees that believe in the “why” of your business? As a small business owner you should be focused on the strategy, mission and vision of your company instead of worrying how you will find top talent to work for you.

MKS HR Consulting is the go-to human resources and recruitment business when small businesses have an HR or recruitment issue.  With her many years of human resources and recruitment experience, Sara offers her clients value-added, professional expertise to be their strategic partner and find that “needle in the haystack.”

MKS HR Consulting adds value to your business by finding the top talent so you can focus on “being in business.” Our clients see the value of partnering with us to conduct the hiring process strategically and not just “fill a vacancy.” If you would like to find that needle in the haystack, contact us today for a Complimentary 1 hour Consultation.


MKS HR Consulting’s area of expertise is full recruiting services which encompass the following:

Needs assessment of role and candidate

We will conduct a needs assessment of the role(s) to be hired along with the type of candidate you are searching for.

Employee on Boarding

Contract, company policy training, outline of the new hire’s first 2-4 weeks after their start date.

Campus Recruitment

Co-Op programs

Screening & Interviewing

Candidate Selection & Hiring Process

Job posting creation/review

Other Human Resources Services:


Policy Review & Creation


Benefits Administration


Creation and Management of Maternity/Parental Leave Programs



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